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Announcements Made by Peace Corps Headquarters

October 2, 2013

Following up on Carrie’s behalf, I’m happy to update you on where we’re at and how things are progressing. Carrie is diligently preparing for her confirmation hearing, and we are hopeful it will
be scheduled soon. As you probably remember from the
fact sheet we shared a few months back, we have taken several steps in the last few years to improve health services and support for both current and
returned volunteers, and we continue to build on these steps. Below are some of the ways we are doing that.
Peace Corps has hired new staff:

o   Billing specialist to focus on Post
Service/FECA billing issues (Mr. Sanjay Duggal)

o   Nurse advocate and FECA case manager (Beth
Brooks, RN)

         Nurse advocate and billing specialist will receive specialized training at 
the Department of Labor tohelp in troubleshooting RPCVs’ FECA billing issues  

Peace Corps is working to implement the recommendations of Susan Southwell, nurse
consultant, on how Peace Corps can improve the Post Service Unit 

Peace Corps leadership has met with leadership from the Department of Labor’s Office
of Workers' Compensation Programs earlier this year, with plans for further
engagement at the leadership level to strengthen cooperation

The Department of Labor has expanded the conditions that can be directly paid by
Peace Corps without a FECA claim and increased the amount that can be paid for
these conditions 

Peace Corps’ Post Service Unit is collaborating with State Department staff to share
ideas on how we can best address re-adjustment issues for returning Peace Corps
volunteers, as both Peace Corps and the State Department work in similar
international environments 

PeaceCorps launched the Department of Labor’s ECOMP program so RPCVs can file claims
and forms electronically and track their status, resulting in a more rapid and
transparent process

o   Peace Corps’ Post Service Unit will soon be
updating its guidance to RPCVs to include ECOMP instructions

Peace Corps is investing in improvements to phone systems in the Post Service Unit
and Office of Health Services so callers can more easily and more quickly reach

We greatly appreciate your commitment to ensuring current and returned Peace Corps volunteers receive the highest standard of care, and I assure you that we share that commitment. The health, safety and security of our volunteers are our highest priorities.

Please encourage all returned volunteers with concerns to contact: 

the PeaceCorps Post Service Unit at

We can best serve those looking for assistance by hearing
from them directly and addressing their case individually, one-on-one.

Once Carrie’s confirmation process wraps up, we look forward to talking further about our efforts and our
progress. Thank you for your continued support!

Shira Kramer,
Peace Corps Press


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