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Peace Corps has some information regarding the processing of dental claims here

We would like to request the following of Peace Corps


1) Provide every Peace Corps Volunteer with a dental cleaning and check
up, performed by a dentist who can perform at US standards. If that is not available, then the Volunteer should be allowed to go elsewhere for care.

2) Dental care runs through FECA as well, so many of the same problems inherent in medical claims exist here.

(a) Provide specific instructions for filing FECA claims because this process is not specified anywhere.

(b) Provide a list of dentists who participate in the FECA/USDOL system because so far no dentists appear to accept claims.

(c) Provide a Peace Corps liaison with ACS who specializes in dental processing. Most claims examiners lack experience filing dental claims and ACS is unable to answer questions about such issues. Dentists need to know how much they can be expected to be paid for various procedures. Maximum reimbursements need to be listed.

(d) The Peace Corps currently allows dental care of up to $1000 to
be administered through 127C's rather than FECA.  Making this limit
higher would help volunteers who have additional work that needs to get
done, without the time and hassle of FECA


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