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Getting Peace Corps Help Once You Return

  1. Contact the Peace Corps Post Service Unit Office of Medical Services immediately for help: psu@peacecorps.gov or phone: 202-692-1540, option #7, fax: 202-692-1541.
  2. You will immediately need to get PC 127c forms to seek medical care to get diagnoses.
  3. Be sure you are given the OWCP Form CA 16 upon arrival in the states if you are medevaced or come back sick. This guarantees payment for medical coverage, including diagnostic tests for 60 days as well as referrals to specialists, whether or not a US Department of Labor claim is approved.
  4. If you do not receive either the PC 127c or the OWCP CA 16 your must request them. They are extremely important because they will entitle you to diagnostic coverage as well as testing and immediate treatment. Use them!
  5. Document and address all the medical issues that result from service (even if you are not sure yet) and keep a binder with copies of everything. Peace Corps has now hired additional staff at the Post Service Unit to help RPCVs navigate this complex system.
  6. Keep Peace Corps in the loop at all times.
  7. Check Peace Corps fact sheet. Let us know if these changes are not being implemented. 
  8. The Peace Corps has an overview of the steps to take when you return sick or injured here.
  9. And here if you are filing a US Department of Labor claim.


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