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Name: HowardL. Graham Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 17 Jul 2014 23:37:27 GMT

Comment: I am a former PCV (Costa Rica 1965-67) who specializes in OWCP FECA claims. I will be glad to answers questions, as time permits, regarding the FECA claims process for RPCVs. You may be able to find my two volume Federal Employees Compensation Act Practice Guide, published by West Pub Co, for the last twenty years in many public law libraries. It is a "how to" manual that has been used by many non-lawyers to negotiate the FECA claims process.      

I was disheartened, though not surprised, to learn of the death of Nick Castle, Peace Corps Volunteer in China. 

I was medevaced from Africa as a PCV under severe psychiatric crisis. My PC medical records state "possible adverse reaction to mefloquine," a controversial anti-malarial drug prescribed by the government, known to cause hallucinations and suicide. Yet PC sent me on a 20+ hour journey home unaccompanied, facing flight overlays on 2 continents. I was mentally disoriented and certainly unfit for independent travel. 

The medical care I received in DC was equally careless.  After a few weeks the therapist would not concede mefloquine attributed to my sudden break with reality - which, frankly, was more maddening. Dismissed - with no recommended meds/follow-up treatment.  

Countless PCVs return from service wounded and disabled with no assistance. If, by chance, they learn of the medical benefits available via DOL, the bureaucracies navigating the significant hurdles are daunting, if not impassable, particularly for someone impaired.

PC recently implemented processes to increase applicants, such as decreasing the enrollment process. If PC truly wishes to increase its global footprint, it should begin by taking care of its volunteers. Ban mefloquine immediately! The US military has already done so.

Name: W Smith Email: 
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Country: UKRAINE (2013)  Date: 28 Jan 2015 04:56:54 GMT

Comment: PC's 100 page job description with 3 pages detailing staff doctor's bios made me believe I would be well taken care of. I didn't expect to be injured a week after arrival. I was surprised that the hotline doctor told me to pack by bags and take public transportation to Kiev (3 hrs dist.). I was unable to stand or walk. The orthopedic surgeon said PC does not allow him to do anything more than hand out condoms & medicine. It seems they go to a lot of expense to avoid providing any medical care.

If you would like to contact us confidentially, please email us at: Perhaps we can help. 

Name: Daniel Email: 
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Country: GHANA  Date: 7 Aug 2015 00:57:15 GMT

Comment: I was violently sexually assaulted by two men while serving in Ghana. As a veteran, I have a lot of respect for the VA federal programs. However for the peace corps post service unit, I have no respect and nothing good to say. The DOL OWCP has denied reimbursement for my medication, hospital and clinic visits, along with my medication. They have proposed that the receipts from Walmart and Walgreens are invalid. I am completely certain that businesses as big as Walmart and Walgreens comply to federal standards, but apparently not good enough for the DOL. I spent a year wasting every cent I had to get treatment and still have not be reimbursed for a cent. Apparently, Walmart, Walgreens and the biggest hospital in my state do not have valid codes and information to appease the DOL.

If you would like to contact us confidentially, perhaps we can help. 


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